INDIA Register their biggest win in terms of runs against ENGLAND

With a comprehensive 317-run thrashing, England’s sub-continental winning run comes to an end. It was only a matter of time, and today was a mere formality. In fact the entire Test has been a formality after Rohit’s assault on the first day. Or maybe the formality started as soon as India won the toss and chose to bat. But still, that cannot take anything away from the fact that India were extremely clinical here, showing their superiority in all departments. They’re used to this though, undoing Adelaide in Melbourne, and now undoing Chennai in Chennai. There isn’t much to write about what happened today, England were expected to fold out quickly, and they didn’t disappoint. There surely isn’t much you can do on a pitch spitting balls all around, and even lesser when you’re up against the quality of Ashwin and the new Jadeja. Moeen Ali did have his share of fun though, dancing down the pitch, tonking some into the stands. Sometimes things that aren’t good enough for a 2-0, are good enough for a big fat IPL contract.

Biggest Test wins for India (by runs):337 vs SA Delhi 2015/16; 321 vs NZ Indore 2016/17; 320 vs Aus Mohali 2008/09; 318 vs WI North Sound 2019; 317 vs Eng Chennai 2020/21*; 304 vs SL Galle 2017

Ravichandran Ashwin is the player of the match.

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