It’s a curious case for a team to have both its openers at the top of the run-scoring pile and yet find themselves, as a team, at the bottom of the points table. It is an indication that not everything has gone wrong for them. With better luck and nerves, they’d have been comfortably sat in the top-half of the table. It’s a case of so near yet so far, because they’ve just not been able to close out games.

And much unlike KXIP, Mumbai Indians have found ways to win. They have made winning a habit. That is, however, everywhere but Dubai – where they are set to play their Sunday clash. Six of their eight games so far were played in Abu Dhabi, where they dished out clinical performances with both and ball and won all their games after losing the tournament opener. In Dubai though, they have played only one game so far. And even there, against RCB, they nearly found a way to win when the probabilities were low – scoring 79 runs in the last four overs to take the game into the Super Over.

Mumbai Indians aren’t a bad team to learn from on how to win, let alone how to win from near-impossible situations. But KXIP wouldn’t mind not getting that lesson on Sunday.

The good news for KXIP is that Mumbai Indians have now found themselves in a comfortable position in the group stage. And even as Rohit Sharma has maintained that complacency shouldn’t creep in, they have entered a stage where they are “managing the workload”. There could also be more experiments in place which should allow some leeway for KXIP, who are in hunt of their third win – which could also be their first win against a side this season that isn’t RCB.

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