Once more result of a game decided in the super over. DC have won it the hard way but most importantly they have won it. DC had the stronghold of the game till the 17th over. They kept squeezing the SRH batsmen and the batsmen kept falling and after the assault by Bairstow on the top but DC pulled the things back nicely with the help of their spinners. But Kane Williamson was rigid on one end any slowly kept scoring inspite of loosing partners at the other end. In the 18th over Rishabh Pant gave the ball to Amit Mishra the veteran leggie but that move cost him 11 runs as Williamson played him smartly without taking too much risk and the cameo from Suchith helped them to draw the game and drag it into the super over.

In the super over both teams opted for the spin bowlers and they both did a fairly good job, had that run from Warner would not have been short the story could have been a bit different but nevertheless DC won it in the superover. Kane Williamson played a masterful knock and yet couldn’t deliver the win such is the cruelty of this game.

David Warner: It has been a tough one. The way our bowlers came back after the powerplay was fantastic. We knew on this surface if you got off to a flier it is always going to be tough in the middle, the bowlers executed well. I thought Vijay, who is not one of our strike bowlers, bowled fantastically, could have bowled him an extra one, that’s the handiness of having him in the middle but the bowlers got us to a good total to chase. Obviously Jonny at the top of the order and Kane taking it deep, we couldn’t bat well in the middle overs. It depends on the selectors, it was a harsh call as per my opinion (On leaving out Manish Pandey). But at the end of the day it is a decision that they took and you cannot discredit Virat, he’s a very good player and the surface was difficult. They bowled well in the middle and made it challenging for us. If you hit the ball to a world class fielder, you are going to get run out 9 times out of 10 (about his run out).

Shikhar Dhawan | acting captain for Delhi Capitals: It was a thrilling game and shouldn’t have gone to the Super Over. We should have won it easily, but we made few mistakes but that’s part of the journey. I feel that the two boundaries which Avesh got hit, we should have contained them. But, it’s part of the game. We were dominating the game whole time, shouldn’t have let it go that way in the end. It was very tough to bat specially after the powerplay, turning and holding. Kane Williamson played a good knock, he’s a champion player and he always shows his class. It’s good to win the game in the end. We made it quite thrilling going to the Super Over and chasing it down. Those little things make a huge impact, I am glad that David didn’t complete that run, we got the edge over that and we ended up winning the game. Absolutely, looking forward for it (Ahmedabad) and glad that the wicket’s going to be a bit more better than this one. We are playing nice as a team. We are not depending on one player.

Prithvi Shaw is the player of the match.

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